Connect With ACA-Eligible Individuals Seeking Coverage

Spend less time on marketing campaigns and cold-calling ACA leads. We connect you with Affordable Care Act enrollees who need your service.

Drive More Enrollment With Our Pay-per-call Services

While the ACA has opened up new opportunities for businesses in the health insurance industry, acquiring leads remains challenging, especially with the high competition in the market. At InfoWorx, we provide you with quality ACA health insurance leads ready to enroll in your plans.

We Pre-Qualify Every Lead

With us, your ACA health insurance lead generation strategy will be geared towards people likely to enroll. This allows you to focus more on ACA leads who are likely to enroll and less on cold calls and marketing campaigns. Our team screens each ACA health insurance lead before connecting them with you to ensure they are genuinely interested in exploring your health coverage options.

Reach Leads While They Still Warm

We connect you with ACA live transfer leads when they express interest in your service. This allows you to smoothly lead them down the sales funnel with our health insurance lead-generating services. Maximize your efficiency in enrolling people under the ACA with our pay-per-call leads.

Shape Your ACA Enrollment Strategy

Tailor your approach by selecting the volume of ACA calls for your agents, setting qualifying questions, and more, all while keeping track of campaign metrics that matter. Our ACA health insurance lead generation services allow you to define what’s right for your business, enabling you to meet your enrolment goals.

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