Expand Your Medicare Client Base

Reach seniors looking for health insurance options with our pay-per-call lead generation services, designed exclusively for the Medicare industry.

Did You Know 10,000 People Qualify For Medicare Daily?

Millions of senior citizens across the United States require Medicare coverage to ensure they get the care they need to stay healthy. However, tapping into this demographic can be challenging, especially when competing with your competitors’ search engine rankings and paid ads.

InfoWorx gives you direct access to seniors actively seeking Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage coverage when you buy Medicare leads.

Quality Medicare Insurance Leads

Let us source quality Medicare leads foryour business. We pre-qualify each Medicare lead to ensure your services align with their needs. The best part? Our Medicare leads are exclusive, guaranteeing you better conversion rates.

Adjust Your Medicare Lead Generating Campaign

We work closely with you to establish the best demographics for your services and ensure that your Medicare leads align with your target audience. Moreover, we allow you to control the volume of Medicare calls your sales agents receive and analyzevaluable metrics, allowing you to optimize your campaign.

Spend Less Time Marketing

With our Medicare lead-generating services, your business can focus more on converting and less on marketing and reaching out to cold leads. Whether you are in the market for people who have just become eligible for Medicare, those looking to switch their provider or both, we have you covered. We’ll do the sourcing and let you focus on converting.

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