Grow Your Law Firm With Quality Leads

Purchase high-intent legal leads seeking representation in your practice areas with our pay-per-call lead generation services.

We Provide Exclusive Legal Leads

Millions of people find themselves in legal trouble each day. Our legal lead generation services allow you to skip the marketing and move straight to sales calls. We connect quality, exclusive legal leads that need representation with law firms and independent attorneys. Whether you specialize in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, immigration, or any other legal practice area, our legal lead generation service has you covered.

Talk To Prospects When They Are Most Likely To Convert

Time is of the essence in the legal profession, and we understand the importance of timely lead delivery. That's why we prioritize real-time delivery of legal leads, ensuring that you connect with prospects when they need your services the most, maximizing your chances of conversion

We Pre-qualify Your Legal Calls

Our legal lead generation specialists pre-qualify every legal service lead you receive based on your eligibility criteria before routing them to you. Whether you prefer legal service leads based on practice area, geographical location, case type, or any other parameter, we customize our lead generation strategy to your needs. The result? Relevant, high-intent legal service leads with a high conversion probability.

Stay On Top Of Your Numbers

We give you access to transparent analytics that offer insights into the performance of your legal service lead campaigns. Track key metrics, such as call volume, conversion rates,return on investment and more, to see what's working and what can be improved to give you the best results.

The InfoWorx Advantage

Save Time And Resources

Our pay-per-callservices eliminates the need for businesses to invest time and resources in marketing by delivering pre-qualified leads directly to their mailbox.

Pay Only For The Leads You Get

No binding contracts, subscription plans or complex paperwork – tell us the number of leads you want us to deliver and pay for each call we direct to you.

Customized Lead Preferences

Tailor your lead preferences based on your business needs, fromthe volume of leads to qualifying questions and more, giving you control over your lead generation strategy.


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