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Millions of Americans under 65 need access to quality health insurance. If you offer health insurance services to people under 65, we can help you reach your target audience.

We Offer U65 Health Insurance Leads

The insurance industry is highly competitive, and without a streamlined lead generation approach, it’s easy to miss your sales target. Our targeted pay-per-call campaigns were specially designed to help you connect with individuals outside Medicare eligibility seeking health insurance coverage.

Your Marketing Efforts Made More Affordable

With InfoWorx, you never have to worry about competing for search engine rankings or investing in marketing campaigns that don’t deliver results. When you choose our pay-per-call services, you pay only for the calls you get, making your costs affordable and more predictable.

Maximize Conversions

With our U65 pay-per-call services, you never have to waste time talking to cold health insurance leads.We connect you with qualified U65 health insurance leads,vetted by our team to ensure they are looking for the service you offer as soon as they express interest, maximizing your chance of conversion.

We Put You In Control

InfoWorx Direct gives you total control over your U65 health insurance leads. Choose the volume of calls you need for your business, qualifying questions and more.With the ability to track your calls, you will gain insights into what’s working for you and what’s not, allowing you to finetune your strategy.

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